Our Formula for Success

Our Values

Our cultural heritage is founded on three building blocks; Employee Ownership, Servant Leadership and Performance Excellence. Since our beginning in 1966, we have been widely held by the people who work at our company. Our leadership model is based on the simple concept that leaders whose first instinct is to serve others are the best leaders. Performance Excellence is an effort arising out of business challenges in the late 1980’s and we have adopted the Malcolm Baldridge model for building a high performing enterprise.

Employee Ownership

The people who work at TexEnergy and US-EcoLogic own the company. Employee ownership is a strong morale enhancer- which both attracts and retains top talent. The ownership of both companies is widely held by many Partners. We strongly believe that Employee Ownership  is linked to field performance and customer satisfaction.

People Values

  • Fairness
  • Trust and Respect
  • Win/Win Relationships
  • Servant Leadership
  • Open, Direct, Clear Communication
  • Focus on growing people
  • Honesty
  • Value Diversity

Performance Values

  • Committed to safety
  • Customer responsive
  • Sustainable growth and profit
  • Conformance to requirements and standards
  • Daily improvements
  • Bias for action
  • Deliver on commitments

Who We Are

We are the largest provider of energy efficiency and green building services for single and multifamily developers in the world.

How We Work

Through a fully integrated concept-to-completion strategy, our projects reach the highest level of certification at the lowest total job cost.