Pinnacle Housing’s Singing Oaks (The Roxton) multifamily project in Texas achieves top-level remodel environmental status…

US-EcoLogic/TexEnergy is proud to announce their involvement with the first ever certified “Emerald” status NGBS Green Remodel multifamily project in the country. The Singing Oaks project (currently renamed “The Roxton”), in Denton, Texas, was awarded this certification after construction, testing and inspections this past fall. The Roxton is also the first Emerald NGBS Green Remodel project awarded in the State of Texas.

Singing Oaks (The Roxton) is a 16-building, 126 unit, low-rise multifamily project (3-stories) who’s owner and builder wanted to pursue national residential green certification through the National Green Building Standard’s “Green Remodel” program. This program has standardized base requirements for residential projects in which it monitors energy use, indoor air quality, water use, resource efficiency, operational management, and lot development. Specifically, standards are rated on specific Energy Use and Water Use for final certification rating.

The project’s 16 buildings were each rigorously inspected to establish a baseline of energy and water use, inspected throughout the construction period (from the early days when tenants lived within, through open buildings being cleaned for asbestos abatement, new installation of insulation, poly-sealing, thermal blocking, all-new equipment and fixtures (HVAC, water facets, showerheads, appliances, hot water heaters, irrigation, fans, lighting, etc.) and then carefully re-inspected and tested upon final turnover. Through this process, TexEnergy/US-EcoLogic was on site over several months to gather pertinent information via visual inspections, duct testing, blower door tests, insulation installation inspections, air sealing, etc. to surmise the necessary information and compile documentation via on site photos and tracking. The project was submitted and awarded in October of 2013.

Project Manager, Kat Benner, a certified NGBS Verifier, was on site to oversee the process and coordinate the team of field inspection personnel and Engineering assistance to run energy modeling and water use data.

Final results yielded savings from the original 1970 buildings, remodeled with state of the art equipment, appliances, and systems to show an overall Energy Savings of over 63%, and overall Water Savings (both interior and exterior use) at over 53%. It is the largest NGBS Remodel project in the United States. The Owner, Pinnacle Housing, held an inauguration ceremony in October which featured speakers from the owner’s property development, the on-site management company, past and current residents of the property, The Mayor of Denton, and TexEnergy/US-Ecologic’s project manager each presented to the public, press and residents, describing the energy and water savings features of this groundbreaking development.

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