Project Architect

Job Title: Project Architect
Worksite Address: 911 Maryland Drive, Irving, Texas

Job Duties:

– Perform pre-design services at project site, such as feasibility or environmental impact studies;
– Inspect proposed building sites to determine suitability for construction and meet with client to determine functional or spatial requirements for structures;
– Provide onsite consulting support for green project requirements during construction;
– Meet with clients to review and discuss architectural drawings, ensuring the client’s sustainable goals are met;
– Review energy models and calculate potential energy savings by comparing estimated energy consumption of proposed design to baseline standards;
– Gather and apply specifications required for residential building energy modeling;
– Review plans and interpret technical specifications for home construction projects;
– Monitor the progress of energy efficient and green rated homebuilding projects (single family and multi-family) and mixed use developments; and
– Design or plan construction of green building projects to minimize adverse environmental impact or conserve energy.

Job Requirements:

– Bachelor’s degree in Architecture, Engineering, Construction Science or related field and 4 years of professional experience monitoring and tracking progress of energy efficient building projects, providing on-site consulting support at project sites, and reviewing plans and interpreting specifications for green building projects.

Who We Are

We are the largest provider of energy efficiency and green building services for single and multifamily developers in the world.

How We Work

Through a fully integrated concept-to-completion strategy, our projects reach the highest level of certification at the lowest total job cost.