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We have worked on a variety of single and multi- family environments with services extended to production builders, international development, custom home designs, market-rate and affordable housing, new construction, gut rehab, student housing, retirement and commercial.

Our staff works with developers, builders and home owners as well as with governing entities such as USGBC, RESNET, NAHB and the EPA to understand the unique challenges that we face in the industry.  Our team has an in depth understanding of building science, HVAC issues, cost constraints and market trends. By applying creative solutions for efficient home design, we have enabled our clients to obtain certification at all distinctions and as required in programs such as LEED, NGBS, Energy Star, Efficiency Promise and Title 24.

Our services are extended to the Project Teams throughout the design and construction phases of a project.   We begin with the Administrative, Planning, Research, Consultation, Energy Modeling and Commissioning (Cx) in some cases.  Trades training  and  subsequently inspection and testing, and wrap up with documentation of Final verification and Certification.

With TexEnergy’s broad based construction roots and constant research we have a deep and unique understanding of the problems faced by builders and developers around the country, and we have been able to address concerns with innovative and cost effective solutions.  We attribute a major part of our success to communication with the green community on issues that required compromise or modification within the protocols.


Who We Are

We are the largest provider of energy efficiency and green building services for single and multifamily developers in the world.

How We Work

Through a fully integrated concept-to-completion strategy, our projects reach the highest level of certification at the lowest total job cost.