Title 24

Title 24

6008 Maple Ave 122011 006The energy shortages that occurred the 1970’s have led to many states implanting their own energy code provisions in order to reduce energy consumption thus reducing peak energy loads and decreasing the demand to build more power plants.

The state of California is the leader in energy efficient building and has adopted strict energy codes to comply with, California Energy Efficiency Standards (Title 24) .

We currently staff CEPE’s (Certified Energy Plans Examiner) that are certified in both Residential and Nonresidential and are members of CABEC.  We are able to provide detailed and all necessary Title 24 Compliance Reports needed in order to receive building permits and to show compliance with Title 24 energy standards.

Who We Are

We are the largest provider of energy efficiency and green building services for single and multifamily developers in the world.

How We Work

Through a fully integrated concept-to-completion strategy, our projects reach the highest level of certification at the lowest total job cost.