3rd Party Inspections & Testing

3rd Party Inspections & Performance Testing

Maple 12222011 008We provide third party inspections and testing services for builders and contractors integrated with the services provided for energy efficiency and green building programs throughout the country and internationally.

Our technicians are qualified with a host of required certifications including ICC (International Code Council) – certified in residential and commercial.  On staff we have 40 HERS Raters, 32 LEED Green Raters, 21 NGBS Green Verifiers, a PHIUS Raters, and several Calgreen Inspectors.  Additionally, we hold professional qualifications for many other related industry standards.

Many state and local municipalities are now requiring third party energy inspections and testing to demonstrate energy code compliance.  Most above code energy programs also require third party inspections in order to demonstrate compliance.

Third party inspections can give the home buyer peace-of-mind by guaranteeing the home was built to the proper energy code or above code program standards which typically influences the efficiency or the building, operating cost, comfort, durability and indoor air quality.

Typical residential home inspection will encompass 2-3 site visits which normally includes a poly seal, pre-drywall and final inspection depending on the local code or energy program requirements up for achievement and subject to State codes, local codes and above code program requirements .  Due to the size, planning and extra building components multifamily buildings are inspected in phases and may require several more inspections than a single family building.

A typical building is inspected, but not limited to components as it relates to the Thermal Envelope, Mechanical Equipment, Lights and Appliances, Performance Testing and Water Management.


Who We Are

We are the largest provider of energy efficiency and green building services for single and multifamily developers in the world.

How We Work

Through a fully integrated concept-to-completion strategy, our projects reach the highest level of certification at the lowest total job cost.