Rebate Programs

Rebate Programs

Our project managers are constantly on alert to find rebate programs that fit our client’s projects and help capture the benefits from the energy efficiency and environmentally friendly investments that are being made.  We will handle the paper work and certification efforts as part of our generalized agreement and services offered.  Not only are there a variety of utility rebate programs available, but we have helped many clients evaluate what it takes to qualify for tax credit programs such as the 45L, which congress approves a $2,000 tax credit on an annualized basis, or the 179D for commercial structures.

In addition to the federal tax credit many states and local jurisdictions along with power companies offer rebate programs.

Our engineering team, project managers and supporting staff work in conjunction with clients to determine if projects comply and are eligible to receive additional incentives.


Congress has provided several energy tax incentives over the years and has extended The Energy Efficient Home Credit known as 45L to eligible homes built between August 8, 2005 and December 31, 2013. P1050561The tax credit amounts to $2,000 per residential home, townhome and apartments where apartment buildings are three stories and under.  In order to comply with the 45L tax credit homes must be modeled to show a 50% reduction in heating and cooling consumption in which 10% must be due to improvements made to the building envelope.  Our engineering team use approved IRS software to run energy analysis and is able to provide all necessary documentation to show 45L tax credit compliance.


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