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US-EcoLogic is part of an integrated holding company, Tempo, Inc., that provides consulting and specialty contracting in new and existing buildings. Our focus is on GREEN- ENERGY – HVAC. With 132 partners, our team has worked on efficiency and eco friendly solutions for more than 40 years. The companies are widely held by the people who work here and operate on the principle of Servant Leadership (the best leaders lead by serving others).

We have had an interest in home energy and environmental performance since 1966. Our background as an HVAC contractor keeps us grounded in the practical realities of what is real and cost effective in delivering support for stakeholders. Our 11 years as a HERS Rater and Provider has given us insight to both building science and the public policy drivers for more efficient buildings. Those fundamental efforts jump started our business focus on environmental friendliness where we have 6 years of experience in participating in the “green movement”. US-EcoLogic was founded in 2001 to concentrate on whole house building science, energy, environmental, comfort and indoor air quality issues. US-EcoLogic was conceived in 2007 and incorporated in 2008 to be the benchmark provider of quality assurance and green verification.

The sister companies of Tempo Mechanical and US-EcoLogic are equipped with a unique skill set to proceed in the field with a commonly missing key factor to a market understanding of how to build sustainable business models focused on whole house energy improvement in existing homes. Collectively, Tempo and US-EcoLogic work to be leaders towards a general market transformation for all contractors, while internally working to expand performance and capability to be the provider of choice for homeowners.

Please read more about our company’s History and Values. Several of our clients have given Testimonials about working with us and the type of service we provide. You can review the Awards we’ve been given and also read about the Partners that make up US-EcoLogic.