US-EcoLogic offers diverse services including LEED for Homes consulting, LEED Green Rater testing and verification, LEED Provider services, Home Energy Rating System (HERS) services and comprehensive building energy modeling, testing and inspection in the Middle East.

Our unique and industry leading international experience and observations has established an international level of sustainable and green building standard for residential and community areas in this region of the world.

Construction is considerably different in the U.S. than in the Middle East and such as the case may be for any other overseas countries, thus requiring much time spent in research and interpretation early in the program to meet the intent of the protocol. We have found that by interpreting the design methods and adding these methods as options within the original protocol, as well as maintaining a direct line of communication to the governing program entities for the protocol, (such as USGBC, RESNET and the EPA as may be required), are key factors to delivering a successful outcome.

With the many challenges and interpretations required for delivery, international projects/programs are likely to have even higher demand for fast answers and may benefit by having experts embedded within the project to ensure high levels of communication and proper deployment of the chosen protocol. It is easier to work with, in the sense that there is immediate feedback and many of the “unknowns” of the verification process are “known” or “can be determined” much earlier with physical inspections to verify performance requirements and third party field testing to confirm compliance to those standards.

As consultants involved in both rating systems, we see both the strengths and challenges of each methodology. However, the flexibility and the immediacy of the protocol and delivery methodology allows the developer and general contractor the sufficient “in process” knowledge to make course corrections and product/process investments that allow the project to more confidently pursue certification.