We helped write the initial Green Built Texas (GBT) protocol centered around the very first production builder who adopted GBT protocol as a standard mandate. We completed the very first multifamily GBT certified project and have worked with multiple production builders, custom builders and multifamily developers since to certify thousands homes and apartments under the GBT program.

The Green Built Texas program (originally developed as Green Built North Texas) is a specialized above-code environmental program tailored for residential housing, both single-family and multi-family. It was originally designed locally to help address issues important to the region around north Texas, but has expanded to include all of Texas and the surrounding region. Founders of U.S. Eco-Logic / TexEnergy were instrumental in the development of this program, which is backed by the Home Builders Association and accepted by, for example, by The City of Dallas as an optional path for their Green Compliance Program which is required for any project built within the City of Dallas. The program focuses on key areas to help builders and developers construct green homes by requiring independent third party verifiers to inspect and test the home with focus on Energy Efficiency, Water Conservation, Indoor Air Quality, Durability and Moisture Management and Homeowner Education. The program’s intent was to be rigorous enough to stay above-code for these efficiencies, but remain flexible enough to allow involvement of players like large-volume builders and multi-family developers to move within the marketplace.

There are two paths for compliance, Prescriptive or Performance, but both include inspections during construction, testing, fresh air ventilation, and possible energy modeling. To learn more about this program you can also visit their website:

The program currently has over 14,000 homes registered, certified, or in-process. US-EcoLogic is an approved third party verifier for the Green Built Texas program.