While not our primary area of consulting expertise, we have 15 LEED AP’s on staff. We provide LEED NC related services and administration as a support to our clients who choose to pursue that path and we offer it in multiple states for multiple markets. We also provide the related energy modeling and commissioning for LEED for New Construction in any area of the country.

LEED for New Construction (NC) is a voluntary sustainable building program developed by the USGBC for new construction and major renovation. LEED NC is applies to commercial buildings and residential buildings 12 stories and taller (in the soon to be released LEED v4 update). LEED NC includes sustainable building practices in the form of prerequisites and credit options in the following categories:

  • Sustainable Sites (SS)
  • Water Efficiency (WE)
  • Energy and Atmosphere (EA)
  • Materials & Resources (MR)
  • Indoor Environmental Quality (EQ)
  • Innovation & Design Process (ID)

Although similar in intent to LEED for Homes, LEED NC follows a documentation laden philosophy for confirming a building meets the design and construction practices required for certification. This verification strategy requires that all design and construction project team members maintain full engagement in the LEED process through the life of a project. As a LEED administrator, US-Eco Logic provides the coordination services and expertise to guide new construction and major renovation projects through the LEED NC protocols. This coordination and expertise is critical for project teams as often they are tasked with not only supplying all relevant information but supplying it in a LEED format that is non-intuitive at best. In addition to LEED administration, US-Eco Logic also employs a team of expert ASHRAE 90.1 energy model engineers to satisfy the requirement for 10% energy improvement. Furthermore, US-EcoLogic provides commissioning services to satisfy the second requirement in the EA section. Providing Administration, Energy Modeling and Commissioning under the same organization is an efficient way to reduce unforeseen costs associated with Green Certification.

For a list of our LEED NC portfolio, please visit our Commercial projects page.