US-EcoLogic provides battery storage solutions for multifamily and commercial building developers. Our seasoned experts can help you develop a plan that makes your energy distribution, energy storage and financial decisions more efficient. In addition, we provide support by informing your team on applicable incentives, finance, and tax options as well as other factors that can help you achieve the greatest impact from your initiatives.

Integrating a battery storage system to your power source can help you manage your energy use and increase your savings. In addition, battery energy systems provide safe and reliable operation for your facilities. We have installed battery storage systems all over the U.S including retail, new buildings, existing buildings and more! Our energy storage experts can help you determine the most reliable and functional option for energy storage needs.

Virtual Power Plant Technology

US-EcoLogic utilizes Sonnen Energy Battery and Virtual Power Plant (VPP) technology to provide cost effective renewable and energy storage solutions that can improve your NOI. Contact us now to see how we can make energy storage work for you!

Advantages of Battery Energy Storage

  • Increased Net Operating Income - Additional Cashflow!
  • Increased Net Asset Value - Higher Sales Price!
  • Increased Sustainability - Reduced Carbon Footprint!
  • Increased Resiliency - Backup Power During Natural Disasters and Outages!

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